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Two Klan Arraigned on Bomb Plot Charges

June 6, 1988 GMT

CALGARY, Alberta (AP) _ Two men with links to the Ku Klux Klan were arraigned Monday on charges of conspiring to blow up the Calgary Jewish Center and kill a prominent Jewish businessman.

Robert Wilhelm Hamilton, 19, and Timothy David Heggen, 29, both of Calgary, stood mute at their arraignments and were ordered held without bail until their next court appearance on Wednesday.

Police said they arrested the men during an undercover operation Friday as the suspects allegedly picked up three large bombs stashed at a boat jetty a few blocks from the Jewish Center.


″Our intelligence shows the plot was to be executed very soon,″ police spokesman Len Esler said.

Hamilton and Heggen were charged with conspiring to murder Howard Milavsky, chairman of Trizec Corp., an international real estate conglomerate; and conspiring to cause property damage or serious injury with an explosive. Police also alleged the suspects also plotted to blow up a woman’s car in a revenge attack.

″We seized some devices - devices that were intended to blow up the Jewish Center, the home and the car,″ Inspector Roger Bechthold said. ″We are not prepared to comment any further.″

Police said the plans to bomb the Jewish Center and Milavsky’s home were motivated by anti-Semitism.

Several right-wing groups operate in Alberta Province. Tearlach Mac a’ Phearsoin, spokesman for the Calgary Ku Klux Klan chapter, said Hamilton and Heggen had been registered supporters but not active members.

Hal Joffe, president of the Calgary Jewish Community Center, said: ″This is pure, good old neo-Nazi white supremacy.″

Leaders of the city’s 5,800 Jews said the bomb plot was the first serious act of violence planned against Jews in Calgary.