Norfolk Public School Board learns of preliminary high school accreditation results

April 12, 2017

NORFOLK - The Norfolk Public Schools’ Board of Education heard the preliminary results of a recent accreditation visit.

Near the end of March, an accreditation team from AdvaceEd consisting of area educational experts visited Norfolk High School to review the school’s services and operations.

Norfolk High School principal Jake Luhr shared one spot that the review team marked positively.

“They don’t have to note any powerful practices at all, and so we really focused on this over the last four years; we focused on engaging kids, connecting with kids and it’s nice for them to notice that,” said Luhr.

The school was also given areas in which to work on improving.

Mike Hart, the Director of Human Resources and Accreditation, explained that the improvement priorities given helps them to better serve the students.

“It’s just making sure that every kid is prepared for the ability to achieve success in the future. And that’s one thing we continue to be proud about in our district, because we care about every kid and we want every kid be given that opportunity to maximize their own, unique potential,” said Hart.

A final written report will be given to them within six weeks.