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Officials Say Menudo Keyboardist Died From Drug Overdose

August 12, 1987 GMT

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) _ The death of a member of the backup band for the Puerto Rican pop vocal group Menudo was caused by an accidental overdose of drugs, authorities say.

Victor G. Junquera, 33, of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was found dead in his hotel room before a performance Friday. He had been playing keyboards in the group’s backup band since Menudo began its U.S. tour in Texas last month.

Autopsy results revealed Junquera died of an overdose of opiates, police Sgt. Laura Mulloy said Tuesday.

Menudo, which loosely translates as ″pocket money″ or ″small change,″ is a group of five Puerto Rican boys, ages 12 to 15. Each member of the 10- year-old group is replaced when he turns 16.

The group has been highly successful in the Spanish-speaking world, performing before sold-out stadiums throughout Central and South America.