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In sizzling heat, Helping Hand Mission helps families find cool air

May 28, 2019 GMT

The Helping Hand Mission wants to make sure everyone has access to cool air in this summer-like heat.

When temperatures sizzle, the families across the Triangle who have no air conditioning struggle. Sometimes, it’s hotter inside their houses than it is outside.

To help people with no access to air conditioning, Helping Hand Mission put out a call for donations of electric fans and AC wall units. The public responded.

On Monday, executive director Sylvia Wiggins and her crew loaded up donated fans and wall units to deliver to families that reached out to the Helping Hand Mission.


One of their first stops was to Charise Henderson and her family, who have been trying to make it through the sweltering nights and hot days by spending a lot of time sitting on the porch.

“The air has been out for some weeks now,” said Henderson, who is struggling to care for a sick child recently out of the hospital. “The medicine he’s on makes him sick to be overheated.”

The Helping Hand Mission volunteers installed an AC wall unit in Henderson’s home, providing cool air to at least one room for the first time in weeks.

“There ain’t a lot we can do, but we can help just a little bit, and that’s a blessing,” Wiggins said.

The Helping Hand Mission is still in need of more donated fans or, even better, AC wall units. Donation information can be found online.