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‘Piano Bar’ brings a touch of music to Laughlin Library

April 25, 2019

LAUGHLIN — Sing, mingle, and getting down to jingles was the theme of the “Piano Bar” presented by Studio 28-40 at the Laughlin Library last Wednesday.

The event was free for anyone to attend, and around 20 people did. They enjoyed cold soda and made song requests until the end.

Noreen McBride recruited Sally Ethridge to play. Ethridge, who sometimes plays at the library Tea at Three, said she was pleased to share her musical talent with the audience at taughlin Library.

“I love the old tunes, and I love to play them for people who appreciate them,” Ethridge said after performing.

Ethridge has an extensive music background, from singing in choirs to playing piano all over the West. Later in life, she used her music education degree to teach students K-12.

One of the craziest moments in her career playing the piano was in a bar in Wyoming, when a lady shot a revolver inside. Ethridge said she just remembers ducking underneath the piano and hearing the bartender yelling “keep playing.”

She did. And in a sense, she has been playing ever since. Don’t expect her to slow down anytime soon.

“We will do more with Ethridge,” McBride said. “Sometime in November, there will be another piano bar, except country-Western themed.”

Studio 28-40 is relatively new as the Piano Bar was its third production. The studio name is actually a play off the Laughlin Library address — 2840 Needles Highway. McBride said she felt the need to come up with a production company name so it wouldn’t look like a new business was coming to the area.

McBride used to be a journalist and still is a wordsmith. She said producing programs like this allow her to use creative energy and reflect interests.

“She has started to do a lot of programs for us, and we are really grateful,” Laughlin Library Branch Manager Tanya Brown-Wirth said. “Her production design is through the roof.”

She said that part of the library’s mission is to provide community and culture to the Laughlin area.