Fund the border wall, not abortions -- Joyce McRoberts

February 7, 2019 GMT

The Democratic Party and its backers in the media have supported the building of a wall for national security in the past. But now, they want to fund Planned Parenthood instead of making America safe.

How can they ignore the crises of illegal drugs, human trafficking, drunken driving, rape, child molestation, murder and thefts escalating because of lax border security?

Funding American safety or funding America’s largest “abortion mill” is a big choice before our Congress. Democrats are shirking their responsibility to fund our safety and vacationing in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. That reminds me of when Wisconsin Democrats fled to Illinois when Gov. Scott Walker was trying to pass Act 10.


President Donald Trump stayed in Washington -- all Christmas, New Year’s and even now -- waiting for Congress to get back to work and hash out a way to fund a wall. It can be done.

If it were left up to a nationwide referendum, America would have built a secured wall years ago. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Democrats and the medial allies don’t want to secure our southern border. What benefit is it to them if America continues to be invaded?

Perhaps they are are building a new constituency.

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus