Don’t let abortions end diversity -- Christopher O’Brien

May 18, 2019 GMT

Wisconsin law prohibits discriminating against people due to their gender, disability and other classifications. But women can choose to terminate a pregnancy for some of these sames reasons. This needs to end.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Patrick Testin, R-Stevens Point, and Rep. Barbara Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc, would end this arbitrary use of abortion.

We value the contributions women have gained through decades of activism. Yet some ethnic groups prefer male babies, so perfectly healthy females are aborted until the family is pregnant with the “correct” gender.

Imperfect children face a similar fate. Iceland has virtually eliminated all children with Down syndrome. While Nazi-occupied Denmark successfully rescued 90% of its Jews from the Holocaust during World War II, the nation now aborts 98% of children with Down Syndrome in a modern eugenics culture. In America, many babies suspected of having Down are aborted, even though some healthy pregnancies are misdiagnosed as having the syndrome.


Wisconsin respects the diversity of all backgrounds in our laws. It’s time to end abortions based on discrimination.

Christopher O’Brien, Watertown