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Ellensburg City Council postpones community center discussion

September 13, 2017

The Ellensburg City Council last week postponed a discussion about possibly studying the old YMCA building on Water Street for use as a community center.

In June the city began looking at using the former YMCA building as a multi-age community center. The first step was to be an agreement with the building’s owner to provide access for a feasibility study.

Council members paused efforts last month, saying they wanted to have more discussion with all Council members present.

The Council didn’t have everyone present last week, so it didn’t talk about the issue in depth. However, Council member Bruce Tabb said it would worth waiting to see what happens with the Ellensburg School District’s discussion about long-term use of Lincoln Elementary School.

“It is a critical piece to have closed before we have the conversation, even if we are all here,” he said.

The Ellensburg School Board last month said it was considering use of state assistance funds associated with Lincoln Elementary to build a new 500-student school on a more suitably sized campus as part of efforts to reduce classroom overcrowding.

Lincoln would go into surplus and be used for other school district or community purposes, under the plan from the Community Capital Planning Committee.


In other business, City Manager John Akers said the city did not receive any bids to install siding on the Kittitas Valley Memorial Pool. The new siding is on site; the city just needs to find a contractor to do the work.

Akers said the city would negotiate with a contractor from the small works roster to complete the job.

Akers said contractors in the community are busy right now.

“When you look at the sales tax receipts related to construction, it’s clear there is more work than there are people to do it,” he told the Council. “We’re hopeful we’ll be getting a contractor in place to finish the work.”

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