Naomi Watts wants comedy role

August 5, 2017 GMT

Naomi Watts wants to star in a comedy.

The ‘Book of Henry’ actress is used to appearing in gritty dramas and tales of darkness, but she’s on the lookout for a more “quirky” role where she could have a lot of fun on set.

She said: “I want more laughs in my career. I’ve endured plenty of darkness and sadness and soul-searching. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the likes of David O. Russell and a movie I did with Noah Baumbach a few years ago. But I’m not the go-to when it comes to comedy.

“I actually turned down a few during the beginning of my career because they didn’t feel right for where I wanted to be. Maybe it’s because it’s a certain kind of comedy I’m after - a quirky reality, something offbeat where there’s a soul underneath. I want to go on set and laugh all day.”

Naomi can currently be seen on the small screen in Netflix drama ‘Gypsy’, in which she plays boundary-crossing psychiatrist Jean, and she enjoyed getting to explore the depths of her character.

She told HELLO! magazine: “Jean is very restless, very curious outside of the world she’s created for herself.

“She wants to break out of her inner claustrophobia and, because of the nature of her work, delves a little too deeply into the lives of her patients, and in doing that, she’s delving into the darker, more chaotic parts of her that have always been there but remained dormant.

“Finally, it’s like she’s woken up and desires that fire. It’s a really human story. It’s about demons and exposing vulnerabilities and unknown, maybe, forgotten strengths.

“It’s so completely human and I’ve always loved exploring humanity in characters and she is a fascinating portrayal of fantasy, being the person you want to be, you desire to be but will never actually experience.

“We shy away, but she’s actually living it. She’s exploring this side to her which we rarely see women do. Men yes, but women, not really.”