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District: Pittston Area Teacher’s Aide Took Payroll Record

May 18, 2019

A teacher’s aide in the Pittston Area School District has been charged with disseminating the Social Security numbers of two dozen district employees.

School district police filed 25 citations against Camile Poli, who allegedly made numerous photocopies of a pamphlet containing — among other things — the personal information of district administrators and confidential secretaries and distributed them at the primary center where she works.

District Superintendent Kevin Booth, who was one of the 24 victims, said Poli “somehow got her hands on a confidential payroll document that contained the social security numbers of 24 of our Act 93 employees.”

Act 93 refers to compensation for school administrators, supervisors, coordinators and support managers.

Booth said the payroll document, which showed retroactive pay from 2016 for the 24 employees, was part of an approximately 10-page pamphlet that also contained copies of the administrators contract and board secretary’s contract.

Witnesses told investigators Poli’s actions were all in an effort to influence a union vote on an upcoming union contract, Booth said.

Booth said Poli was apparently trying to get union members to vote against the contract because she didn’t think it was generous enough, and tried to argue the district could afford to pay them more, given that it could afford retroactive pay for administrators.

“I’m not sure exactly what her motive was, but it’s definitely disheartening that one of our employees would go to these lengths and put her


peers’ and fellow co-workers’ credit at risk — and not just at risk today, but even five years down the road,” Booth said.

Booth said the district’s insurance company is paying for TrueIdentity credit protection for the affected employees, who include principals, vice principals, other administrators, guidance directors and confidential secretaries in the business office.

The alleged actions took place in late March, and district police have since that time been unsuccessful in attempts to interview Poli, as she has been on a leave of absence since shortly after the events unfolded, Booth said.

Police finally filed the non-traffic citations with Magisterial District Judge Alexandra Kokura Kravitz on May 10, and they were made public on the court docket on Thursday. Summons for Poli to appear before the judge were issued Wednesday.

Each of the 24 citations lists a different Act 93 employee as a victim.

According to the Pennsylvania statute regarding the privacy of Social Security numbers, each summary offense is punishable by a fine between $50 and $500 and, for every second or subsequent violation, by a fine between $500 and $5,000.

Police also cited Poli with one summary count of disorderly conduct for allegedly creating a “physically offensive condition” by publicly displaying the social security numbers.

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