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Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May 9, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Brian from Frontier Communications Lake Havasu for fixing our issue in five minutes when I had no luck after three days, talking to no less than 12 people and five hours on the phone. Thank you Brian for doing your job well!

Onions to thinking hard working means doing good work. Open your ears to what people say about the quality of work you get in Lake Havasu. The workers in California get high end pay for doing top quality work.

Orchids to the Hilltop Church for putting on a fun filled family day! We had young company and were able to enjoy all of the events that were available. I know it takes a lot of volunteers and effort to put this kind of event on so thank you again.

Onions to the USPS for not having the flag lit up at night. It’s been there every night for two months. The flag is just hanging in the dark. Light it or take it down at night.

Orchids to Norm Soren. He was always a pleasure to see at the Aquatic Center because of his upbeat personality and his obvious joy of living life to the max. M and S

Onions to poor fellow in the frozen food section - next time you go shopping, I’ll send in the doggy with the brandy keg on his neck. No sir, we can’t have frozen bodies littering the store.

Orchids to Havasu Regional Hospital for their excellent care of my husband. The 2nd and 3rd floor attending nurses, ICU, dietary staff and hospital doctors couldn’t have been better. Thank you for all your attempts to help.

Onions to the intersection of Saratoga and Acoma. Years ago a stop light was talked about, but nothing has changed, except even more traffic. We don’t need a median – we need a stop light.

Orchids to Mike Foster Contractor. He got our job done in a timely manner for a fair price and used his thinking outside of the box to make things work. Super-efficient, really nice, and competent. Thanks Mike, Julie, and Steve

Onions to the rental place. They tell you one price on the phone, but when you go to pick up the item, it’s 20% higher, with mandatory charges.

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