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Leaky roof causes problems at 103-year-old courthouse

July 27, 2019

GREENWOOD, Miss. (AP) — A 103-year-old county courthouse in the Mississippi Delta needs repairs for a leaky roof and other problems.

The Leflore County Courthouse in Greenwood last underwent major renovations in the late 1970s.

Chancery Clerk Christine Lymon told supervisors last week that heavy rain recently caused damage to plaster and paint on a third-floor landing above two courtrooms.

She said county engineer Shane Correro has enlisted a roofing company to stop the leaks. The courthouse roof is made of pitched sections covered with metal roofing panels and flat sections covered with a rubberized material. Roofers have stopped leaks over the landing above the courtrooms, but other sections of the courthouse still receive damage from leaking during rain.

County officials toured the building Wednesday to look at problems, The Greenwood Commonwealth reported. They saw walls that were wet and peeling and had flaking paint. Roofers have stopped leaks over the landing, but other parts of the courthouse still have problems.

Apparent from the outside of the courthouse is the peeling paint around windows and doors throughout the building.

A county supervisor, Sam Abraham, said an inmate in the Greenwood Restitution Center is reglazing and repainting windows throughout the building, which will provide a significant savings over having professionals do the work.

“Nothing is structural,” Abraham said. “What’s got to be done is maintenance work.”

Since the building reopened in October 1978, repairs have been made to different pieces but no major work has been done, officials said.

Other counties in Mississippi, including Lauderdale County, are having maintenance problems with their courthouses too.


Information from: The Greenwood Commonwealth, http://www.gwcommonwealth.com

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