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101 Killed in Kenyan Bush Crash

March 29, 2000

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) _ A speeding bus swerved to avoid a pothole and collided head on with another bus Wednesday, killing at least 101 people in western Kenya, police said.

The buses burst into flame in the afternoon accident, which injured 57 people, some seriously, about 140 miles northwest of Nairobi, near the tea-growing town of Kericho, said Officer Daniel Musau.

``It was one of the most horrible-looking sights I’ve ever seen,″ Debora Womble, an American missionary working in Kenya who happened on the accident.

The westbound bus was traveling at very high speed and swerved to avoid a pothole, slamming into the eastbound bus, said Musau.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many survivors there were, though dozens were pulled from both buses.

Although most long-distance buses in Kenya are licensed to carry 62 passengers, most carry many more and often double the official limit.

Highway accidents are commonplace in Kenya where roads and vehicles are often in poor repair.

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