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Spicy Washington State Ad Angers Police Chief

July 27, 1989

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) _ A state advertisement that used a pornographic movie title to lure filmmakers was withdrawn after the Seattle police chief objected.

The ad proclaiming, ″Debbie Could Have Done Dallas in Seattle,″ was run in American Cinematographer magazine by the state Film and Video Office.

The wording was a play on the X-rated movie title ″Debbie Does Dallas.″

But Seattle Police Chief Patrick Fitzsimons wasn’t amused.

″It was absolutely unnecessary to use a pornographic reference to lure business,″ he said. ″That particular film is very demeaning to women. It’s decadent.″

Christine Lewis, head of the film bureau, acknowledged the chief had a point. She pulled the quarter-page ad, which cost taxpayers $600.

″I’m sorry I ran it,″ she said Wednesday. ″We made an error of judgment and it won’t run again.

″We wanted to catch people’s attention, with an ad that would be eye- catching and humorous and speak to an industry that understands what we’re trying to say,″ Lewis said.

She said the ad was intended to publicize the state’s diversity.

″That’s one of our selling points, that we can look like New England or Bavaria or L.A. or Arizona or the Midwest,″ she said.

Pornography or permissiveness was the last thing on her mind, said Lewis. She said she called Fitzsimons to apologize.

This year the state has been the site of 12 films or made-for-TV movies, and another three projects are expected.

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