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Be transparent in investigating charges

May 20, 2018 GMT

I am writing in support of a transparent ethics investigation, using the Legislature’s recently adopted procedures, to determine the real truth to allegations made against Rep. Carl Trujillo (“Legislature begins probe into Trujillo misconduct claims,” May 9). As a native New Mexican and 15-year resident of his district, I smell something fishy. I fear that anything less than a transparent ethics examination will erode the public’s trust.

As one of the citizens for whom Rep. Trujillo does battle, it is very clear that he votes for “the people.” This does not mean I have supported all of his votes, but I have witnessed the process by which he makes decisions. It is simple. He talks to us — all of us — all the time. He has made us want to participate in the democratic process by attending more than 20 informational meetings and town halls. And you know what? He always packs the house.

With Rep. Trujillo, we finally all know our neighbors. We might roll our eyes when the same ol’ somebody gets up to complain again, but Carl doesn’t. He ends up taking that person to the State Engineer’s Office to help them straighten out a water rights issue instead. He has escorted hundreds of his constituents (no exaggeration) to that office over the past two years.

Here’s another thing, a touchy subject for those who haven’t experience it, as many of Rep Trujillo’s constituents have. Before Carl, District 46 was beholden to the desires of casino dollars, representing about 17 percent of the people.

For the first time, the other 80-plus percent feel like we might be heard. Those casino dollars are helping sink New Mexico’s politics to its ugly muddy bottom. I ask you, House Speaker Brian Egolf and House candidate Andrea Romero, where do your campaign funds come from? The ethics procedure should also follow the money.

Karen Koch lives in Pojoaque.