Dairy is wrong for state’s future -- Charlie Talbert

April 7, 2019

In last Sunday’s editorial, the State Journal editorial board reported that dairy farmers are doing what they are supposed to do -- becoming more efficient, producing more milk per cow.

This is a reminder of a difference between efficiency and effectiveness. As author Stephen Covey once noted, we can be efficiently hacking our way through a jungle for no progress if we’re in the wrong jungle. Dairy is the wrong way to go for Wisconsin’s future.

Not only does it waste and pollute our land and waters, dairy and the rest of animal agriculture are grossly inefficient. The journal “Science” reported last year that although meat and dairy consume 83% of global farmland, they provide only 18% of global calories.

Public policy and taxpayer support should go toward helping dairy farmers transition to producing food that’s good for people and the planet.

Charlie Talbert, Monona