Details of Sen. Dick Lugar's television ad on assault weapon ban.

Time: 30 seconds.

Title: ``Vote Common Sense.''

Producer: Lugar's campaign.

Text: (Lugar): ``I believe in the Second Amendment and our right as Americans to own a gun _ for self-protection, to hunt and to collect. But there is no right to sweep a playground with an assault weapon. I voted to ban 19 assault weapons. On this vote, I parted company with Senators Dole and Gramm. I did what I felt was right.'' (Announcer): ``Dick Lugar. Everything a president should be.''

(Lugar): ``You know, being a conservative doesn't mean you have to lose your common sense.''

Key Images: At the beginning, the words, ``A vote for common sense'' flash on screen. Then the camera closes in on Lugar's face.

Goals: To appeal to moderate Republicans planning to vote in Iowa's caucuses; to position himself as a leader with strong convictions, following his own path.

Analysis: Lugar's campaign has always operated on the assumption that a second-place showing in Iowa, or even a better-than-expected showing, would bring a burst of media attention, and thus make him competitive in New Hampshire and elsewhere.

This non-flashy, ``common-sense'' ad is part of a strategy to attract any moderate Republicans planning to attend the Iowa caucuses, Republicans pretty much neglected since California Gov. Pete Wilson and Sen. Arlen Specter dropped out.

But the strategy has obvious risks. Many Republicans _ especially conservative activists likely to attend caucuses _ dislike gun control intensely. At a recent South Carolina debate, Lugar was booed when he voiced support for the weapons ban.

Lugar also wants to come off as a man with strong, steadfast values and views, following his own convictions and not the polls.


Analysis by Sally Buzbee, Associated Press writer.