Maryland bill would address compensating wrongly imprisoned

February 26, 2020 GMT

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Several men who were imprisoned in Maryland and later found to be innocent are testifying for a measure to address how the wrongly incarcerated should be compensated by the state.

The bill is scheduled for hearings Wednesday before state lawmakers.

It would provide $78,916 for each year a wrongly convicted person spent in prison. It’s based on a five-year average of the state’s median household income. That was a formula used last year to compensate five exonerees who had spent a total of 120 years in prison.

The current law does not specify a monetary amount.

Last October’s decision by the Board of Public Works to award $9 million in compensation to five men was the first time in 15 years compensation was granted to anyone who had been convicted and incarcerated but later proven innocent.