In Latin America this week, Colombian rebel soldiers patrolled the mountainous jungles of Antioquia, where they awaited the results of the peace talks being held in Cuba.

In Brazil and other countries in the region, health authorities are coming face to face with the scourge of the Zika virus. Warnings have been issued to travelers and pregnant mothers.

In Haiti, the presidential runoff elections have been postponed once more amid escalating street violence and protests by the opposition, which claims the first round was marred by fraud in favor of a government-backed candidate.

Peru's National Health Institute has opened a small museum displaying dozens of poisonous creatures to help people understand them and what to do if bitten.

In Ciudad Juarez, once considered one of the most violent cities in the world, people get ready to receive Pope Francis in his first visit to Mexico.

In Venezuela, as the economic crisis deepens, hundreds of people line up outside a supermarket in Caracas to buy price regulated toilet paper made available by the government.

At the archaeological site in Tiwanaku, Bolivia Aymara Indians waited for President Evo Morales to take part in an Andean ritual honoring the 10 years he has served as leader of the South American country.

And in Habana, Cuba "House of Lies" actor Don Cheadle played soccer with children during the filming of an episode, the first time in decades that an American television production was filmed in the Island nation.


This gallery was curated by photo editor Anita Baca in Mexico City.


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