Options for aging seniors available in Aiken County

May 28, 2018

Those with aging family members have many options for care in Aiken County.

Karen Poteat, local LPN and dementia and gerontology specialist, said planning ahead is important for choosing care.

In-home care, inpatient and outpatient care services, hospice, assisted living and proactive care are all options for when people get older.

“Planning ahead is always the better idea no matter what your age because you don’t want to make a decision for someone as important as your family member, someone you love, under emergency circumstances,” she said.

Whenever you have to make an emergency decision, you don’t have time to really consider everything, Poteat said.

She suggested asking friends or service organizations and going to health fairs – such as the Aiken Senior Extravaganza – as options and good places to start.

The Lower Savannah Council of Governments is also a resource that can help with finding care or figuring out financial options, she said.

Poteat said no one knows another’s situation, so doing your own leg-work is important.

“You have to put your own piece of the puzzle together,” she said.

Poteat suggests proactive care as a way to socialize seniors and keep them healthy both mentally and physically.

“We, as a nation, are going to have to start looking at ways to be more proactive,” she said.

Socialization is also important for aging seniors.

“It’s very sad when someone is, you know, the highlight of their day is seeing the doctor,” she said. “Seniors are fortunate in Aiken to have so many different options.”

“No senior in Aiken has to settle.”