Questions raised about possible sale of Chicago library art

October 2, 2018 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) — Plans by the city of Chicago to restore a West Side library branch by selling a valuable piece of public art is being questioned by the leader of a business group.

Civic Federation President Laurence Msall on Monday said more thought should be given to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to sell “Knowledge and Wonder.” City Hall hopes it will bring upwards of $15 million.

Money from selling the large painting by Kerry James Marshall now hanging in the Legler Library would be used to restore the library and expand the library’s programming and operating hours.


The Chicago Sun-Times reports the sale will be handled by Christie’s Auction House.

Msall noted city residents paid taxes to establish art and cultural installations that will enhance the experience of library visits. He contends just because the investment has a market value, the decision to take it out of the community to fund one-time expenses is questionable.


Information from: Chicago Sun-Times,