FKA Twigs wears her ‘soul’ on her face

July 6, 2017 GMT

FKA Twigs wears her “soul” on her face.

The 29-year-old singer - who is engaged to ‘Twilight’ actor Robert Pattinson - took to Twitter on Thursday (07.06.17) to post a series of messages in which she described her profile as a map to her emotions and told her 266,000 followers that she hasn’t been able to hide her emotions since she was an 11-year-old child.

She wrote: “When I was 11 I started to wear my life on my face, I vividly remember the day I put it on. (sic)”

Her comment left her followers scratching their heads and a fan with the handle @Ireon mistook her tweet as a line in a song yet to be released.

They asked: “Are these lyrics to a song we wont hear for another 3 years?(sic)”

The singer - who is rarely pictured smiling - replied and admitted she was feeling “worn down”, saying: “Nah i just woke up looking worn down but high priestess warrior af (sic)”

Another fan simply asked, “what does this mean?” prompting FKA to tweet back: “It means whatever my soul feels my face tells. (sic)”

It’s not the first time that the singer has used the social media site to ponder about the ways of the world.

FKA Twigs - whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett - recently told her fans that she feels like she is a “unicorn”.

Presumably talking about the pitfalls of fame, she mused: “We’re like unicorns, they want to pet us but they don’t want us to be happy (sic)”

Despite her questionable topics, she doesn’t condone insults or judgment online.

The ‘Good To Love’ singer recently signed off a chat with fans: “ok lah you, i have to go sleep. good to catch up, until next time. look after each other init and play nice on the Internet. (sic)”