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Why can’t Greg Abbott accept man-made climate change?

Josh BrodeskyMarch 9, 2019

Why can’t Gov. Greg Abbott accept that man-made climate change is real?

He has said this is because he is not a scientist, but I think the better answer can be found in his response to Jade Helm back in 2015.

Confronted with hysteria from fringe groups about the routine military exercise in Texas, Abbott notified the Texas State Guard to monitor the federal military operation. As we later learned, the hysteria about rounding up political dissidents and instituting martial law was fueled by Russian bots and alt-right media.

In a position to squash these rumors, Abbott instead chose a painfully passive course. He didn’t endorse the conspiracy theory, but he sure didn’t shut it down. In the view of Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA and National Security Agency, Abbott fanned the flames for future Russian meddling in U.S. affairs.

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