TLR >> Jimmie Allen - ‘Best Shot’

April 28, 2018 GMT

Breakthrough country artist Jimmie Allen debuted in The Listening Room this afternoon.

A native of Southern Delaware – the “slower, lower” part of the state, he explains – Allen has carried that mantra with him through good times and bad, whether than meant living in his car or rocking amphitheaters on Toby Keith’s Interstates & Tailgates Tour.

He’s poured out his soul at Music City’s famous Bluebird Cafe, wrote a song that was featured in a Super Bowl commercial, and appeared in a Diet Coke ad with superstar Taylor Swift. But now with the debut of his self-titled EP, a lifetime of never giving up has brought him full circle.

Learn more: https://www.bbrmusicgroup.com/artist/jimmie-allen/