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    ‘A sexual demon took over,’ child molestation suspect allegedly tells Havasu police

    February 14, 2019 GMT

    The Lake Havasu City Police Department released additional information Wednesday in the case of a Havasu man accused on charges of child molestation, sexual abuse and five counts of sexual misconduct with a 7-year-old victim.

    David L. Long, 44, was arraigned Feb. 6, and is now awaiting an initial pretrial conference later this month.

    The nature of Long’s relationship to the alleged victim and her family was unclear as of Wednesday afternoon, but police reported the victim and her brothers were often in close proximity to Long. According to police, the victim’s family contacted Long via telephone on Jan. 24 to confront him after she described years of alleged sexual abuse. Long denied the accusation while speaking with the victim’s parents, the report said. It was a conversation the victim was allowed to hear, as she confronted Long as well.

    “You’re a liar,” she allegedly screamed at her alleged abuser.


    The following day, detectives responded to the victim’s home after the alleged abuse was reported. According to the police report, the victim said the last such incident occurred Jan. 22, while she was alone on her tablet device. Long entered the room, the report said, and told her he wanted to give her a massage.

    It wasn’t the first time, the report said. And she knew what such a “massage” would entail.

    According to Mohave County prosecutors, Long initiated multiple acts of alleged sexual abuse against the victim over a period of almost three years, until he was asked to come to Lake Havasu City Police Department for an interview with detectives on Jan. 25.

    Police say Long initially denied the accusation, but ultimately admitted to engaging in sexual conduct with the victim on multiple occasions.

    Long said he consumed alcohol and marijuana prior to the Jan. 22 incident, according to the report. The victim was pestering him to tickle her feet, the report quoted him.

    “A sexual demon took over,” Long allegedly told detectives.

    Long allegedly described the “sexual demon” as a “lustful spirit” that he’s had his entire life, after being molested as a child, himself. He admitted to engaging in sexual acts with the victim, police say, and invited the victim to do the same to him.

    “It was because of the sexual desire,” Long allegedly said. “Fuel the beast and the sexual desire comes out.”

    After the Jan. 22 incident, Long allegedly told the victim to remain silent about his activity. According to the report, Long admitted to having inappropriately touched the victim on at least three other occasions, beginning when she was as young as 5 years old.

    Long remains in custody at Mohave County Jail as of this week on $50,000 bond. Long has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, and is scheduled to appear before Mohave County Superior Court Judge Rick Lambert on Feb. 25 for an initial pretrial conference.

    He was as of Wednesday being represented by the Mohave County Public Defender’s Office.