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Geeking Out: Residents turn out for CreARTe Expo

April 1, 2019 GMT

When Tayanna Torrez stole a ruby to make some money, the cartel came after her and left her for dead.

That ruby, however, bestowed super powers on the character that came back to life and vowed to go after the cartel as the super hero Eztli, the underworld warrior.

“ But the only way she can keep those super powers is if she feeds her ancient soul by doing human sacrifices,” said Samantha Escandon, who was dressed as Eztli, the underworld warrior, at the CreARTe Expo at the Carlotta K Petrina Cultural Center on Saturday morning.

Escandon, one of many cosplayers attending, said that she and her best friend started creating the character a couple months ago.


“ So it’s a comic in progress, but that’s our main effort,” Escandon said.

The CreARTe Expo, which started on March 24, has featured workshops, panels, artists, contest awards and more over the past week.

Hilda Ledezma, founder of the nonprofit organization Revival of Cultural Arts, or ROCA, said the expo is about bringing the community together.

“ (This is) to come together with the community and bring about the whole comic world and the whole theater and film community,” Ledezma, who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, said.

That film community on Saturday extended to Hollywood, with actress Renée Victor, who voiced the character Abuelita in the hit movie, Coco.

Victor, who is from San Antonio, said she attended the expo because ROCA’s work is important to the community and because she loves interacting with children, who eagerly sought out selfies and photographs with the actress.

“ I think it’s very important to me because children are very important to me. They are indeed our future and I think ROCA and Hilda Ledezma and what she is doing is really, really important and very valuable,” Victor said.

Today marks the last day of CreARTe Expo and events will continue at the Carla K Petrina Cultural Center from noon to 5 p.m. and will conclude with a music festival in Market Square from 6 to 10 p.m.