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Jesse Jackson Says Embargo Would Prevent Bloodshed in South Africa With AM-South Africa,Bjt

November 1, 1985

LONDON (AP) _ The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Friday compared South Africa’s government with Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich and said economic sanctions were needed to force a political settlement instead of ″a blood settlement.″

Jackson said Britain and the United States - South Africa’s major trading partners - could force the white-minority government to dismantle apartheid and negotiate with black leaders simply by imposing ″a full trade embargo now.″

″South Africa cannot exist without the Western democratic allies supplying it with capital,″ the visiting Baptist minister told a news conference.

Apartheid is the legal system of segregation under which 5 million whites deny the vote to 24 million blacks in South Africa.

″Every moral and ethical imperative that drove us to say no to the Third Reich must drive us to say no to (South African President P.W.) Botha and the Third Reich,″ Jackson said.

The American black minister was in London to take part in an anti-apartheid march Saturday.

Speaking to reporters at Heathrow Airport, Jackson appealed to Britons to urge Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to drop her opposition to economic embargoes against South Africa.

″Take the profit out of that system and thereby motivate a political settlement as opposed to a blood settlement - what would be a very ugly, long and enduring civil war.″

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