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July 22, 1997

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Jane Pauley says she’s a real journalist and would never portray a fictional one on TV or in the movies.

``It blurs the line,″ the ``Dateline NBC″ anchorwoman told The Philadelphia Inquirer. ``Viewers are confused enough about the hair and the makeup and the glamour. We already confuse them so much without crossing the line and suddenly becoming make-believe.″

Pauley made her position on the issue clear after her former ``Today″ show partner Bryant Gumbel and several CNN journalists appeared as themselves in the current movie ``Contact.″

``I don’t think any less of (Gumbel) for doing that,″ she said, ``but I simply wouldn’t do it.″

Pauley, 46, also was one of the few real TV newswomen who didn’t appear in the baby-shower episode of ``Murphy Brown.″


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Maybe Broadway shows should be put on the endangered-species list.

Actor Hume Cronyn, who turned 86 this week, says he’s worried about the dwindling numbers of elephants and rhinos in Africa, and sees similarities to the shrinking number of Broadway shows he wants to watch.

When he started his first theater job in 1931 (he got $15 and had one line), there were 75 professional theaters. An old-timer back then complained that there used to be twice as many.

``Well, last week on Broadway there were three legitimate plays, and it’s the same way with the animals,″ Cronyn said Monday.

Cronyn narrates a new television special, ``An African Love Story.″ He filmed part of it in 1966. Back then, there were 55,000 elephants and 6,000 rhinos in Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

When he went back in 1995, there were only 6,000 elephants and 19 rhinos.


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) _ First, Ted Turner helped make ``Gettysburg,″ the movie about the decisive Civil War battle. Now he will lend his name to restore a Confederate submarine that was the first sub to sink a warship.

The media magnate is interested in doing a film on the CSS Hunley, which sank in 1864 after attacking a Union ship blockading the port of Charleston.

It was found in May 1995 off the South Carolina coast after years of searching. Officials hope to raise $10 million, primarily from corporate sponsors, to raise, restore and display the sub.

Turner, a Civil War buff, also helped produce ``Andersonville,″ a television movie about an infamous Confederate prison camp. His name will be used to draw attention to the fund-raising drive, officials said Monday.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Enough with the drama. The actor who plays the intense Detective Pembleton on ``Homicide″ wants to go for the laughs.

Andre Braugher says he will leave NBC’s critically acclaimed show after this season because he wants to grow as an actor.

``I can play funny. I’m very funny. Immensely funny. Side-splittingly funny,″ Braugher, 35, told The Philadelphia Inquirer. He’s been in California working on the film, ``City of Angels,″ starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.

``Homicide″ co-stars Melissa Leo, who played Sgt. Kay Howard, and Max Perlich, who portrayed videographer Max Perlich, won’t be back in the squad room this season. Three new detective characters will replace them.


ALEXANDRIA, Ind. (AP) _ He might have gone Nashville, but gospel music star Jeff Silvey hasn’t forgotten his roots.

The winner of a Dove Award from the Gospel Music Association for best country album this year, Silvey played his new song Monday at his home town’s Madison County 4-H Fair: ``I Was Born in My Favorite Town.″

Silvey dashed on stage with a wide grin.

``It’s so good to be home,″ he said. ``I just want to thank you all.″

Old classmate Robin Loughlin wore a Jeff Silvey T-shirt. ``He’s the same old Jeff,″ Loughlin said.

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