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Dori Giehrl: Arizona is an open-range state

November 10, 2018 GMT


I would like to educate ex-pats to Arizona about grazing laws. This is an open range state. That means cattle and other grazing animals have inalienable rights. If you don’t want them on your property, you fence them out. If you hit one with your car, you are liable for the cost of the animal. The rancher has no obligation to pay for your auto damage. This is the LAW.

The reason for this is that this state, being a desert state, has little substance for grazing animals. In other states, like New York or Wisconsin or any other state where rain provides sustenance for grasses that grow abundantly, this is not necessary. Here it is hard scrabble for cattle. Thus, they have to seek fodder where they can.

The price of hay these days is ridiculously high. I live in an area called So-Hi Estates. In the last few months, a cow and her heifer calf have visited my property on a number of occasions. I’m a country girl and rather enjoy seeing them come around. This is the West, Ms. Allen, not New York City.

Dori Giehrl

Golden Valley