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Five interesting facts about the national anthem

March 3, 2019 GMT

It’s more than 200 years old

Francis Scott Key penned the words of “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore on Sept. 14, 1814. It would later be declared America’s national anthem.

Historic anniversary nears

On March 3, 1931, President Herbert Hoover signed a congressional resolution officially making “The Star Spangled Banner” the national anthem of the United States. Each March 3 now is known as National Anthem Day, and it arrives again on Sunday.

Key would be confused

The author of “The Star Spangled Banner” wouldn’t recognize today’s version. The song originally was intended for a group of people to sing together. Today, “The Star-Spangled Banner” has become a soloist affair, and the pace and general tempo often is much slower.


Controversy surfaces

In recent years, controversy has swirled around the anthem as numerous NFL players have chosen to take a knee while it is played before games.

Hard song to sing

Even for accomplished singers, the anthem is hard to master. Christina Aguilera and Michael Bolton are among the stars who have struggled to sing it in public.

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