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Referendums On Gambling, Lotteries, Casinos With AM-Props-Gambling

October 20, 1992

Undated (AP) _ Nov. 3 ballot measures pertaining to gambling:

- California: Under a state law allowing casino-type card rooms with local approval, six communities will vote on such measures: Compton, Hawthorne, Inglewood, National City, Sand City and Santa Clara. Additionally, Long Beach has a ballot measure to allow card games on the Queen Mary, which is berthed permanently there as a floating hotel.

-Colorado: Four ballot initiatives would allow limited-stakes gambling in 27 towns and cities - including part of Denver - and a dozen counties.

A fifth initiative would make local approval necessary for any proposal to expand gambling.

-Georgia: Proposal to establish a state lottery to finance new education programs such as college scholarships, kindergarten for 4-year-olds and new school construction. -Idaho: Proposal to ban casino gambling anywhwere in the state, including American Indian reservations.

-Mississippi: Proposal to repeal ban on lotteries.

-Missouri: Propositions to allow off-track betting and riverboat gambling on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, with approval of voters in each city where boats would dock.

-Nebraska: Proposal to establish state lottery.

-Oklahoma: Proposal for allowing and regulating charity games, including limiting the value of prizes and taxing bingo.

-South Dakota: Proposal to repeal the state’s video lottery.

-Utah:Proposal for counties to allow pari-mutuel wagering by local referendum.

-U.S. Virgin Islands: Non-binding referendum to allow casino gambling. The territorial Senate has power to enact a law allowing casinos.

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