Michael Cohen: Donald Trump is not telling the truth about Russia

December 14, 2018 GMT

Michael Cohen said his former boss President Trump is lying about the Russia investigation, according to an interviewwith ABC News that aired Friday morning.

Acknowledging the credibility issue that comes with pleading guilty to lying to Congress, Cohen said the special counsel has “a substantial amount of information” that corroborates his story.

Mr. Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer” confirmed that he is still cooperating with the special counsel.

“I am done with the lying,” Cohen said. “I am done being loyal to President Trump, and my first loyalty belongs to my wife, my daughter, my son and this country.”

Cohen said the pressure of the job has changed the president. He claims that Mr. Trump is not used to the system and process of government, which is making the country more divided.

“The gentleman that is sitting now in the Oval Office, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is not the Donald trump that I remember from Trump Tower,” Cohen said.

The relationship Cohen, who used to say he would take a bullet for the president, deteriorated rapidly over the past year as it became clear the lawyer was providing substantial information to the special counsel and implicating Mr. Trump.