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Pregnant Woman Killed, Husband Shot After Abduction Outside Hospital

October 25, 1989

BOSTON (AP) _ A woman died of a head wound Tuesday following delivery of her baby, hours after she and her husband were abducted, robbed and shot by someone who apparently thought they were police.

The suburban couple, drawn to Boston for its medical facilities, had recently said they were concerned about the rise in violence in the city, friends said.

Police had no immediate suspects in the shooting.

Carol and Charles Stuart were located by the sound of police sirens coming through the cellular telephone Stuart used to call for help before he passed out.

Mrs. Stuart, a 33-year-old lawyer, died early Tuesday at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Just six hours earlier she and her husband had left that same hospital after attending their birthing class. The couple lived in Reading, 13 miles north of the city.

The baby boy - his parents had planned to call him Christopher, a friend said - was delivered one month premature by Caesarean section, hospital spokeswoman Louise Homer said. The hospital would not disclose the infant’s condition.

After leaving the hospital at about 8 p.m. Monday, the Stuarts were accosted by a man in the parking lot who got into their car and forced them to drive to an inner city neighborhood. There they were robbed of their watches and other belongings and shot.

The gunman apparently thought the Stuarts were police officers because of the celluar phone in their car, said police Deputy Superintendent Joseph Dunford. Before shooting the Stuarts, according to Dunford, the gunman said: ″I think you’re five-o,″ slang for police.

Stuart, 29, general manager of a fur store in Boston’s Back Bay, was in critical condition Tuesday at Boston City Hospital with a gunshot wound in the abdomen.

State Police dispatcher Gary McLaughlin got a few details from Stuart during the 10-minute call before he blacked out.

″My wife’s been shot, I’ve been shot,″ Stuart said, according to an edited transcript of the call, which was punctuated by his groans.

Stuart didn’t know where he was, and acting on McLaughlin’s instructions, drove to an intersection where he could see a street sign. He passed out before he could give the dispatcher an intersection.

Officers in patrol cars were told to flick their sirens on and off, one by one. The dispatcher was able to tell which police car was near the Stuarts’ car from the sound of the sirens coming through the car phone.

″Get my wife out,″ Stuart told the police officers who found him.

The ambulance crew that came to the aid of Stuart and his wife had been riding with a camera crew from the CBS series ″Rescue 911,″ which tells real-life stories about rescue operations.

The crew videotaped Stuart regaining consciousness and talking about the attack as paramedics worked on him en route to Boston City Hospital, and was allowed into the emergency room, CBS spokesman Mike Silver said in New York.

Mayor Raymond Flynn told police Commissioner Frances Roache ″he’d like to get every available detective″ on the case,″ police spokeswoman Jill Reilly said.

At a press conference Tuesday, Flynn was asked why this slaying was getting so much attention when shootings occur almost daily in other distressed areas of the city.

″There will be the same aggressive and fair and consistent enforcement of all our laws, regardless of where it takes place,″ he said.

Brigham and Women’s is one of a number of hospitals clustered around Harvard Medical School.

Its setting is deceptive. The hospital complex is a stone’s throw from Brookline, the affluent suburb where Gov. Michael Dukakis lives, but it also is adjacent to Boston’s crime-ridden Roxbury section and dark woods.

Gang wars, drive-by shootings and drug-related violence are on the rise, perplexing and alarming residents and prompting police to conduct controversial on-the-spot searches.

Ted Kakas, an owner of the fur store where Stuart has worked for eight years, said the Stuarts’ child was their first. They had just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, he said.

″So many senseless things going on,″ said Peter Jaworski, 24, a close friend of Stuart and assistant manager at the fur store. ″Last night the police commissioner told us you just have to keep fighting.″

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