The past 100 years, April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019 GMT

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

April 10, 1919: Sioux Indian At Taos Wedded to Girl of Pueblo

George William Carter, a Sioux visitor at Taos the past four months, was married to Frances Espinosa, a Pueblo girl, by Father Giraud of the Catholic church at Taos. The marriage of Pueblo girls outside of their tribe is not very usual in New Mexico history.

April 10, 1969: New Mexico is out of the Medicaid program at the end of this month, Gov. David F. Cargo said Wednesday.

That means there is no program of medical assistance for welfare recipients in the State of New Mexico, he said, because the state dumped its own program when it took on the federal-state medicaid program Dec. 1, 1966.

Cargo blamed the Legislature for not appropriating enough to fulfill the state’s share of the program.

April 10, 1994: As temperatures rise with the arrival of spring weather, many Santa Fe teen-agers are stirred with the urge to cruise lazily down Alameda Street, the car windows down and stereo volume up.

Some call it a Santa Fe tradition, cruising the city streets on warm weekend nights. But it’s hardly something to which The City Different can lay claim. Cruising is an accessory to the invention of the automobile that has been enjoyed nationwide for decades.