Gerrymandering leads to partisanship -- John Finkler

May 1, 2018 GMT

The State Journal’s Sunday editorial, ” A lot more cooperation is needed,” missed a major reason for the lack of bipartisanship in Congress.

Many, if not most, representatives, including Wisconsin’s, are now elected in gerrymandered congressional districts, where competitive election races are rare. The district boundaries are drawn primarily based on partisan advantage. Democrats or Republicans are then more worried about having a difficult primary opponent than strong opposition in the general election. The people elected in those districts really don’t have any incentive to be bipartisan.

Until district lines are drawn fairly to produce the most competition possible, little if any progress will be made toward a bipartisan Congress.

The best solution for more bipartisanship and an overall much more effective and cooperative government: Take responsibility of drawing legislative district boundaries out of the hands of the elected officials who will most benefit from gerrymandering.

John Finkler, Middleton