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Phoenix man burned after plastic bags carrying fuel ignite

September 30, 2022 GMT

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say three men in Phoenix suffered burns, one severely, after they filled plastic bags with gasoline and the bags ignited.

Phoenix police said Thursday a man in his 40s remains hospitalized in extremely critical condition with serious burns. The other two were treated without hospitalization.

Investigators determined the man’s car had run out of gas. He asked the other two men to drive to a gas station in another car and bring back gas. The men filled several “heavy-duty plastic grocery bags” with fuel.

They picked up him up from his home and headed over to his disabled car. But the bags ignited on the way, starting a fire while they were all still in the car.

Police say the man who owns the car that caught on fire initially lied and said an unknown assailant stole his car after burning him. But investigators said there were inconsistencies in his story.

No arrests have been made but the investigation is ongoing. It was not immediately known what caused the bags to ignite.

Phoenix Police is investigating an incident where a man received serious burns and two others were injured while inside a vehicle.