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Kennedy best choice in governor’s race

March 13, 2018

I stand with Chris Kennedy for governor.

I’ve had an opportunity to get to know Chris Kennedy over the past few years and have had many discussions with him about issues that have touched my family and involve my day-to-day work, such as Alzheimer’s care, criminal justice reforms and how politics can stunt progress.

There aren’t many tragedies or illnesses his family hasn’t experienced firsthand; that gives him a perspective on issues not many others have. I also had a recent opportunity to meet his running mate, Ra Joy. Mr. Joy is equally impressive and would make a great lieutenant governor. Sadly, both men know all too well the devastating pain of losing a loved one to violence – Kennedy’s family history lives in our textbooks, and Joy’s son, Xavier, was murdered just last year.

I make it a point to attend the funerals of young men fallen victim to violence in our own community, and to visit them in the emergency rooms when they are lucky enough to survive, sometimes, paralyzed or with other scars that will last a lifetime. I’ve watched every one of their mothers cry over their caskets or hospital beds.

Kennedy and Joy know that pain in the most personal of ways – that’s how I know as governor and lieutenant governor they will be committed to doing everything in their power to work with my office and prosecutor’s offices all over Illinois to tilt the scales of justice back in favor of public safety. They’ll care about victims. That matters to me, and it could mean all the difference for our community as we work locally to address crime and violence.

Chris might not be the most polished candidate running for governor, and we might not agree on every issue, but I think that’s a good thing. At the end of the day, I think he’d be an honest, capable governor - that’s what matters to me. Chris Kennedy has my vote, and if you’re currently among the undecideds, please give Chris’ campaign a second or even third look. And regardless of who you support, be sure to have your voice heard with your vote on primary Election Day, March 20.

Jim Rowe

Kankakee County state’s attorney