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Company: Quarry closure isn’t permanent

January 6, 2018

SYCAMORE – Rumors that the Vulcan quarry on Barber Greene Road has closed are only partially true.

Jimmy Fleming, vice president of permitting and external affairs for Vulcan Materials, said that the quarries often will temporarily close because of weather or decreased demand.

“It’s something they do from time to time,” he said. “It is not permanent. I would consider it seasonal.”

Demand for limestone, which the local quarry produces, is seasonal, Fleming said. The quarry often doesn’t operate when it is cold.

The DeKalb Stone Quarry at 15622 Barber Greene Road produces limestone construction aggregate, Fleming said, and because it is a smaller facility, the aggregate it produces mostly would be used in projects within 15 to 30 miles. When there is no construction, there is no demand, and the quarry shuts down for the winter. He said other larger facilities might remain open if there is a greater demand or they have the ability to ship the product where it is needed.

The aggregate has numerous uses, he said.

“It’s used in concrete, asphalt, really any kind of construction,” Fleming said.

During the shutdown, employees are moved to other facilities as needed or laid off, Fleming said. He said a mechanic still would be assigned to the location. He didn’t know the exact number of employees that would be at the site when it operates, but said it would be less than 10.

In a 2017 report for the Securities and Exchange Commission, Vulcan Materials listed the DeKalb Stone Quarry among its 10 largest facilities with proven reserves, but of those, it had the smallest production in 2016, producing 300,000 tons of material.

The quarry has 161 million tons in proven reserves and another 193 in probable reserves, according to the report.

Vulcan Materials is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and has operations across the country, including four in DeKalb County and 28 in Illinois.