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Moms are superheroes

May 12, 2019 GMT

Moms are superheroes! They are the unsung heroes who are so deserving of recognition in today’s world. Moms are the ones who give us life, ensure our safety and nurture us.They inform, inspire and influence us to do so many things in our lives. Moms give us the confidence and strength we need to overcome the challenges we face and give us unconditional love and support when we experience the most devastating grief stricken moments. They are also there to see us thorough our milestones and our most monumental achievements. Moms just make us better individuals as they are our mentors.

My mom is long gone now and since there was a large age gap between us, it was often all of the other moms who I came to know and loved that encouraged and motivated me to always try my best and do my best to succeed. With that said, I dedicate this story to them. These moms gave me the confidence to become the woman I am today.


I became a mother myself 25 years ago but tragically my son passed away unexpectedly two and a half years ago. His desire was always to give back and pay it forward as he was an eye, tissue and organ donor. His gifts were everlasting as his legacy lives on in others and in the hearts of many. Now I continue to champion Connor’s cause and spread his message so that others can benefit. He always remembered me fondly on Mother’s Day with flowers and a thoughtful card. I will never forget his kind and genuine words the last Mother’s Day card I received from him before his passing six months later. I will always treasure it as it will serve as constant reminder of his gratitude and thankfulness.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there today! If you cannot be with your mom for whatever reason, a simple phone call makes all the difference in the world. Remember and think of your mom fondly if she has passed away. Pay tribute to her in whatever way makes you feel good about yourself.

Moms are superheroes. Honor her today or someone else like your mom who makes you feel great. Be thankful, be grateful and as always, make her proud.

Alice Gorczycki,