Lighthouse vandalized

December 28, 2018 GMT

For the third time this year, one of Lake Havasu City’s replica lighthouses has been the subject of vandalism.

Early last week, information about damage done to the Wind Point Lighthouse, near Site Six, had trickled through the community to the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club President, Gregory Peterson. While making arrangements for the replacement of the top of another lighthouse located on the island, Peterson and other club members investigated the damage for themselves. The stucco of the Wind Point Lighthouse had been smashed in and broken off, revealing to the rock-concrete inside of the structure. The cost for repairing the damage is thought to be under $100, but this is not the first case of vandalism Peterson has encountered towards the lighthouses.

“One lighthouse on the island needed to be almost rebuilt entirely, while another had been covered in graffiti,” Peterson said. Peterson and the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club planned for repairs to the damage done to the Wind Point Lighthouse to take place in the next week.

The Wind Point Lighthouse, a replica of a lighthouse in Wind Point, Wisconsin, was installed in 2010. The Lighthouse Club has installed and continues to maintain 27 lighthouses around Lake Havasu. For information on the club, visit lh-lighthouseclub.org.