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Jada Pinkett Smith: My children are my most important contribution

July 7, 2017

Jada Pinkett Smith’s children are the “most important contribution” she has made to the world.

The ‘Girls Trip’ star feels so proud to be a mother to “two wonderful human beings”, Jaden, 18, and Willow, 16.

She said: “When I first started, I never thought the most important contribution I would make in this world would be my children. I look at my kids and I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s probably the most important thing I will ever do in my life, bring two wonderful human beings to this planet like them.’”

And the 45-year-old actress praised her husband Will Smith for being such a “fantastic father”.

She added to E! News: “I couldn’t have picked a better partner. He is such a fantastic father. I am so grateful for him. If I haven’t done anything else, I got my kids a good dad. [Will’s] amazing, it’s just that simple.

“I tell him all the time, ‘The measure of a man is really through the words that people who stand beside him speak of.’ And I have to tell you, having stood beside him for 23 years, he’s an exceptional man.”

Meanwhile, Jada previously insisted only Jaden and Trey — who Will has with his ex Sheree Zampino — have moved out of the family home but says she still sees them every day.

She said: “Listen, only Jaden and Trey. Yes, Willow hasn’t left yet. Now, she will be 18 soon and I’m sure as soon as she turns 18, she’s out. But I have two that are gone.

“That’s what we prepare them for — to go. So Mommy goes, ‘Bye!’ ... The thing is, Jaden lives five minutes from me. Trey lives five minutes from me. They’re at the house every day. It’s almost like as your kids get older, they actually need you more. So, I have three older kids that need me, like, more than ever! I’m like, ‘I’mma get my groove back, I got my freedom.’ It’s like, no.”

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