Legend Voiced Spangenberg’s Career Highlights

December 24, 2017 GMT

Right from the first time he made a play, Cory Spangenberg says, Padres play-by-play legend Dick Enberg would put a well-placed paused in his name. Spang-Enberg. “He would always put his own name into my last name,” Spangenberg said. He never told the Abington Heights grad he planned to do it. Just something the Hall of Fame broadcaster picked up on. Enberg died Thursday at 82. He left behind a career of Super Bowls, Olympic Games, tennis majors, basketball Final Fours and plenty of baseball broadcasts. For the last seven years of his career, Enberg worked as the television voice of the Padres. Spangenberg’s career highlight reel — to this point, anyway — is narrated by one of the best to step behind the microphone. Enberg is in the booth Sept. 2, 2014, with the Padres hosting the Arizona Diamondbacks. The teams take a 1-1 tie into the bottom of the ninth. Spangenberg made his Major League debut the day before, knocking in two runs with his first big league hit. While he didn’t get the start Sept. 2, he makes his only at-bat count. “Liriano retired. Let’s see, Cameron Maybin will not hit. It’s going to be Jake Goe- ... No, it’s going to be Spangenberg that’s going to hit,” Enberg starts before the Padres’ broadcast cuts to a clip from the previous game. “And here’s Spangenberg’s two-run single that won the game yesterday, 3-1. And they relay the ball in. Talked to Cory, I said, ‘What’d you do with the ball? Your parents are here. Did you give your dad, mom the ball?’ He said, ‘They haven’t given it to me yet!’ Maybe they did throw it away. They’re really teasing him.” Just then, Diamondbacks sidewinder Brad Ziegler fires a pitch to Spangenberg; one he left a bit too high in the zone.“And he lines one deep to right field. Does that have a chance? Yes! Home run! Spang-Enberg! A walk-off home run to win it, 2-1!” Spangenberg circles the bases and is mobbed by his teammates at home plate. Enberg lets the sounds of the ballpark take the lead. Then, he continues.“Well he’s known to be a good hitter through his minor league career, but not a power hitter. But he rams one into the Petco Porch to win it for the Padres, 2-1. Cory Spang-Enberg — delivers the home run. His first big league home run following his first major league hit and RBIs yesterday as the Padres win another close, low-scoring game, 2-1.” Not a bad way to remember your first Major League home run. “He was around there for so long,” Spangenberg said. “He was such a big icon before he even got there. So, it’s a big loss for the Padres.” Contact the writer: cfoley@timesshamrock.com; 570-348-9125; @RailRidersTT on Twitter