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″King Limbo” Wins Recognition

October 29, 1991 GMT

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. (AP) _ After a seven-month wait, Dennis Walston has won official recognition for what he does best - dancing under a flaming bar just 6 inches off the ground.

Walston, 46, whose professional name is ″King Limbo,″ believed he had smashed an 18-year-old limbo dancing world record in March. But to find out for sure, he had to wait until last week, when the 1992 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records arrived in book stores. His name is listed on page 184.

″I thanked God with my hands up in the air and I cried. I’m still so excited,″ Walston said Monday as he practiced his limbo act in his apartment in Federal Way, about 25 miles south of Seattle.

Walston stages a show featuring Latin, African and Caribbean styles of dance. His finale is to limbo beneath a bar aflame with lamp oil.

Walston is working on getting dance lessons going for children. ″Any time you have a special gift like this, you have to share it with others,″ he said.

Walston, who is 5 feet 7 1/2 inches tall and weighs 142 pounds, is able to pass under a bar barely higher than a soft drink can by waddling on the inside of his feet and sucking in his chest. His record was set at the annual Kent Kids Day on March 2.

The previous record of 6 1-8 inches was set in Toronto in 1973 by a 15- year-old girl.

Walston said he has limboed as low as 5 3/4 inches. But he won’t attempt that height in public until someone beats his official record.

″This is a big world, so you never know who is going to go after what you have done,″ he said. ″I’m just going to make sure they have to work hard for it.″