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PBS Takes Lead in News-Documentary Emmy Nominations

July 19, 1994

NEW YORK (AP) _ PBS, with 30 citations, led the 15th annual News and Documentary Emmy Award nominations of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The nominees in 28 categories, announced Monday, were selected by peer panels from among nearly 1,250 entries for 1993.

ABC was second, with 21 nominations, and CBS was third with 20. TBS had 16 and NBC had 13, followed by Cable News Network with nine. Discovery had six, Arts & Entertainment three, Fox and HBO had two each, and Lifetime and Paramount (syndication) each had one.

The Emmy Awards for news and documentary programming will be presented Sept. 8 in New York.

The nominees: Coverage of a Single Breaking News Story


″Standoff at Waco,″ CBS, ″48 Hours.″

″Mysterious Crash of Flight 201,″ PBS, ″Nova.″

″One Nation Under Debt,″ CNN, ″CNN Business News.″

″Flood, Sweat and Tears,″ CBS, ″48 Hours.″

″In Nature’s Wake,″ CNN, ″CNN News.″


″Fighting in Moscow’s Streets,″ NBC, ″Weekend Nightly News.″

″Nightmare Ride,″ ABC, ″Day One.″

″Bosnia Mortar Attack,″ CBS, ″CBS Evening News.″

″California Fires,″ NBC, ″Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric.″ Instant Coverage of a Single Breaking News Story

″NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw,″ NBC.

″In the Path of a Killer Volcano,″ PBS, ″Nova.″

″Branch Davidian Compound Burns, CNN, ″Sonya Live.″ Background-Analysis of a Single Current Story


″First Person with Maria Shriver: The Gay ’90s,″ NBC.

″Children of War,″ ABC, ″Nightline.″

″CNN Presents ... Our Planetary Police,″ CNN.

″Ms. Smith Goes to Washington,″ Lifetime.

″The Lost Generation,″ NBC, ″The Brokaw Report.″

″Arms Race on America’s Streets,″ CNN, ″CNN Special Reports.″

″Showdown in Haiti,″ PBS, ″Frontline.″


″Take Me to America,″ ABC, ″20-20.″

″The Spirit of Sarajevo,″ CBS, ″CBS Sunday Morning.″

″Sudanese Famine,″ ABC, ″ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.″

″Fidel Castro’s Health Plan,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″Almost Home,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″ Investigative Journalism


″In Our Children’s Food,″ PBS, ″Frontline.″

″Sins of the Father,″ Arts & Entertainment, ″Investigative Reports.″

″The Secret File on J. Edgar Hoover,″ PBS, ″Frontline.″


″Accidents Will Happen,″ CBS, ″CBS News: Eye to Eye with Connie Chung.″

″Morgan Medical,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″Pelican Bay,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″

″That’s What Friends Are For?,″ ABC, ″Day One.″

″Silent No More,″ NBC, ″Dateline NBC.″ Interviews


″Adam Smith: Giving Away Billions,″ PBS (interview with George Soros). ″Middle East Peace Signing Newsmaker Interview with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat,″ PBS, ″The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour.″

″A Life Together,″ PBS, ″Bill Moyers’ Journal.″


″A Conversation with Maya Angelou,″ CBS, ″CBS News Sunday Morning.″

″The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions,″ Discovery (Walter Cronkite interview with Elie Wiesel).

″Shooting Star,″ CBS, ″Street Stories.″

″A Double Life,″ CBS, ″CBS News: Eye to Eye with Connie Chung.″

″Words of Love,″ ABC, ″20-20.″

″Bob Dole of Kansas,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″ Coverage of a Continuing News Story


″The River Finds Its Past,″ CBS, ″CBS This Morning.″

″Ready for Love?,″ CBS, ″48 Hours.″


″The Last Man Out,″ ABC, ″20-20.″

″Stranded and Snowbound-The Healing,″ NBC, ″Dateline NBC.″

″A Man of Courage,″ CNN, ″CNN Presents.″

″Farmer’s Video Essay,″ NBC, ″NBC Today.″

″Sexual Chemistry,″ PBS, ″The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour.″

″Deadly Secret,″ ABC, ″Day One.″ Informational or Cultural Programming


″Keeps of the Wild,″ PBS, ″National Geographic Special.″

″Race for Life: Africa’s Great Migration,″ ABC, ″ABC World of Discovery.″

″Paha Sapa: The Struggle for the Black Hills,″ HBO.

″The Secret Societies of Dolphins and Whales,″ TBS.

″Spirits of the Rainforest,″ Discovery.

″Wolf: Return of a Legend,″ ABC, ″ABC World of Discovery.″


″King of the Road,″ CBS, ″Street Stories.″

″Circus of Dreams,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

″Every Note a Triumph: Profile of Itzhak Perlman,″ CBS, ″CBS Sunday Morning.″

″Callahan,″ CBS, ″60 Minutes.″ Historical Programming


″The Artist; the Dissenter; the Warrior,″ PBS, ″Renaissance.″

″James Reston: The Man Millions Read,″ PBS.

″Our Plan,″ PBS, ″The Prize.″

″George Marshall and the American Century,″ PBS.

″Allied to the Mafia,″ Arts & Entertainment.


″Spy Wars,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″Surviving Everest,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

″Paradise Lost?,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″So Like Us,″ ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

″The True Story of the Roman Arena,″ Arts & Entertainment. Special Classification for Program Achievement


″The Mystery of the Sphinx,″ NBC.

″Compassion in Exile,″ PBS, ″P.O.V.″

″Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

″The Story of Romania’s Forgotten Children,″ PBS, ″Lost and Found.″


″Almedina’s Funeral; Wounded Refugees; Who Cares,″ CNN, ″CNN News.″

″Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories,″ HBO, ″America Undercover.″

″Ocean Drifters,″ TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″ Individual Achievement-Writers

Jon Else, PBS, ″The Great Depression: A Job at Ford’s.″

Pamela Stacey, TBS, ″Secret Societies of Dolphins and Whales.″

Richard Conniff, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Ocean Drifters.″

Jeanne Rawlings, ABC, ″ABC World of Discovery: Bikini: Forbidden Paradise.″

Nicolas Noxon, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Survivors of the Skeleton Coast.″

Stephen Stept, PBS, ″The Great Depression: To Be Somebody.″

Susan Bellows, PBS, ″The Great Depression: Arsenal of Democracy.″ Individual Achievement-Directors

Mickey Lemle, PBS, ″Compassion in Exile: The Story of the 14th Dalai Lama″ (″P.O.V.″).

Scott Hicks, Discovery, ″Submarines: Sharks of Steel: The Hidden Threat.″

Allison Argo, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Keepers of the Wild.″ Individual Achievement-Researchers

John Anthony West, NBC, ″The Mystery of the Sphinx.″

David Appleby, Allison Graham, Steven J. Ross, PBS, ″At the River I Stand.″

Nina Parmee, Amy Bucher, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Greyhounds: Running for their Lives.″ Individual Achievement-Cinematographers

David Parer, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea.″

Rodger Jackman, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Ocean Drifters.″

Foster Wiley, PBS, ″Dream Window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden.″

Robert Elfstrom, Don Lenzer, Guillermo Navarro, Peter Schnall, Frances Covarese, Mackenzie Waggaman, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Lost Kingdoms of the Maya.″ Individual Achievement-Electronic Camera

Steve Cocklin, Discovery, ″Fields of Armor: The October War.″

Maurice Roper, Bruce Gray, Nelson Tharp, NBC, ″Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric: California Fires.″

Roger Herr, CNN, ″CNN Special Reports: The Killing Tide.″

David Rust, Brian Puchaty, Mark Biello, Maria Fleet, Cynde Strand, Margaret Moth, CNN, ″CNN News: Coverage of Bosnia.″ Individual Achievement-Sound-Audio

Tom Haneke, CBS, ″Jack.″

John McCormick, Pascal Akesson, Pola Rapaport, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Water Blasters.″

Des Bartlett, Jen Bartlett, Jim Bruton, Julie Bruton, Don Dahler, Mike Lonsdale, Mark Linden, Paul Schremp, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Survivors of the Skeleton Coast.″

Ray Day, David Lerner, Masaaki Tobe, Philip Kruener, Mark Linden, Paul Schremp, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: The Lost Fleet of Guadalcanal.″

Ray Day, Mark Linden, Glen Marullo, Lisa Schnall, Paul Schremp, George Shafnacker, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Lost Kingdoms of the Maya.″ Individual Achievement-Videotape Editors

Tom Fasano, ABC, ″ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings: 1993 Year Ender.″

Eric Dennis, ABC, ″PrimeTime Live: Almost Home.″

George Brown, Fox, ″Front Page: Taggers.″

Tom Fasano, Russell Freeman, Michael Proser, Rick Reese, Gordon Swenson, Eric Wray, ABC, ″Nightline: Ground Zero, World Trade Center Bombing.″

William Anderson, PBS, ″Dream Window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden.″ Diana Modica, CBS, ″Street Stories: Cry for Help.″ Individual Achievement-Film Editors

Tom Hanake, CBS, ″Jack.″

Mark Fletcher, ABC, ″ABC World of Discovery: Race for Life: Africa’s Great Migration.″

Barry Nye, Leslie Parry, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Survivors of the Skeleton Coast.″

Lisa Fredrickson, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Water: A Celebration.″ Individual Achievement-Lighting Directors

Ronald Aufdem-Brinke, CBS, ″60 Minutes ... 25 Years.″

Peter Schnall, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer: Tango 3/8″ Individual Achievement-Graphic Designers

John Ridgway, Ian Dawson, Ralph Famiglietta, Guy Pepper, Chris Williamson, NBC, ″Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric″ (opening and internal graphics).

Joe Carolei, Magika, Fox, ″Front Page Show 119.″

John Ridgway, Mitchell Dobrowner, Robin Stamp, Craig Rice, Paramount (syndicated), ″Hard Copy″ (opening and internal graphics). Individual Achievement-Title Sequences

Penny Fleming, Ellen Mason, Susan Pomerantz, Eliot Mendelsohn, ABC, ″PrimeTime Live.″

Teresa Buoch, Chris Andromidias, TBS, ″World of Audubon.″

Vicky Lemon, Lee Hunt, Mark Valentine, TBS, ″National Geographic Explorer.″

Edward Vivona, Paul Johnson, George Apostol, Mark Herrick, Discovery, ″Fields of Armor: Devil’s Coaches.″ Individual Achievement-Art Directors

Yeorgos Lampathakis, Rudi Larios, PBS, ″National Geographic Special: Lost Kingdoms of the Maya.″ Individual Achievement-Music

Jennis Muskett, Discovery, ″Spirits of the Rainforest.″

Albert Lloyd Olson, NBC, ″Robert F. Kennedy: The Man, The Myth and the Memoirs.″

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