Griffith Fights For People Of County

December 7, 2017

Editor: The ability of The Citizens’ Voice to use the print media to foster their opinion regarding the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of my ability to be a taxpayer advocate is very troubling at best (Dec. 3). The article says “Jeers” to me for fighting for the taxpayers and costing the people money for my “shenanigans.” I would like to set the record straight. The Hotel Sterling project cost the people of this county over $10 million and we have a vacant parking lot. I was the one that uncovered this and nothing was done by the county. I certainly did something wrong and admitted it, but continue to fight for the people because the people of Luzerne County are worth it. The Citizens’ Voice did nothing about investigating why the people involved with this $10 million project were not held accountable, but will always make me accountable for uncovering this activity by doing my job as controller. Your newspaper should and must be held accountable for the ability of the Luzerne County government to continually violate the homerule charter because the news media is the people’s voice. But the newspaper does no investigative reporting to uncover the nepotism and cronyism that is rampant in this government. Instead your editorial staff will stifle the voice of the people by this type of unfair journalism. The ability of the people to make our government accountable to the people, is why we have a homerule government and why I will continue to fight for what is right instead of allowing your shortsighted editorial staff to stifle me. Please know this: I will never fade away as long as this government refuses to do what is right for the people of Luzerne County. Walter L. Griffith Jr. TRUCKSVILLE