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UW helps promote liberal arts -- Bob Milbourne

February 12, 2019 GMT

This is the time of the year high school seniors, including my twin daughters, are choosing colleges and potential majors.

Many parents I talk to are encouraging their kids to pick a school and a major in business or engineering, because they will find better employment after college. Whatever happened to the liberal arts and majors such as journalism, history, economics or political science? These parents say you will never find a job and end up driving a taxi.

Well, that argument has some truth to it. Nothing is wrong with business or engineering, but the liberal arts are still a wonderful choice. We need better avenues for liberal arts majors to find those careers.


And guess what? UW-Madison has undertaken a program to help. The SuccessWorks program located above the University Bookstore started by Dean Karl Scholz is offering a range of services to undergraduates including internships, career counseling, job interviews and even a closet of appropriate clothing for those interviews.

What a terrific idea. It will need help from Wisconsin employers who still believe in the liberal arts. Check it out. You might find your next CEO.

Bob Milbourne, New Albany, Ohio, former president, Greater Milwaukee Committee