Ludington students plant trees to celebrate Arbor Week

April 11, 2017 GMT

High school science students — joined by Franklin Elementary School second-graders — planted a new maple tree Monday morning near the rear, or north side of Franklin School.

“The AP (advanced placement) classes are putting two new trees at each school,” Mark Willis, teacher of the high school advanced placement environmental science classes, said about the work, which was timed to coincide with local Arbor Day celebrations.

“These will be shade trees, maples and oaks,” said Willis, adding that the trees planted at Franklin Elementary School Monday were a red maple and a prince oak. “They’ll also throw shade on the buildings in the summer and save on energy costs.”

Willis said Joe Maloney, the Ludington Tree Advisory Board and Lowe’s were instrumental in providing the trees that were planted.

“We’re starting to educate the young to care for trees,” Sharon Bradley-Johnson, chair of the Ludington Tree Advisory Board, said about the goal of the plantings.

On Monday, while high school students worked to plant an oak tree at Franklin Elementary School, another group of high school students worked with second-graders to plant a red maple tree.

“I think it’s very important for the younger kids to experience this,” said Gavin Newman, a student in the AP science class. “As they get older, they’ll realize what they did and will be able to tell their kids and grandkids about it.”

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