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Funny Kansas Farmer

March 21, 2018

A Kansas farmer famous for cow art has gathered about 300 of his cattle to say “hi” to SpaceX, the orbiting Tesla and its “driver” called Starman.

The Wichita Eagle reports that David Klingenberg is known for using his feed truck to move cattle into shapes before filming them with his drone. In his latest YouTube video, “Cow Space Art,” Klingenberg explains how he got the photo proving his cows can be seen from outer space. Klingenberg gets daily satellite images of his farm from. He says he used shadows on the images to find out when the photos would be taken, and then moved his cows to spell out the word “hi” during that time.

Klingenberg has also made farm-themed song parodies, such as a trombone serenade of his cattle with Lorde’s “Royals.”