Non-partisan Group Aims To Improve Democracy

May 29, 2018 GMT

Editor: Knowing that Congress has an approval rating around 10 percent and Harrisburg is near the top in corruption, the non-partisan organization, Represent.Us has developed a grass-roots strategy for improving our democracy. Experts wrote the American Anti-corruption Act (AACA). It consists of 15 different laws which, if passed in principle, will remove a great deal of the corruption from our governments. Some of the corruption includes gerrymandering and the legal bribery of our legislators by lobbyists. This strategy includes getting the approval for these anticorruption laws by elected officials in Luzerne County municipalities through a resolution. The resolution calls for limits to lobbyist contributions, more transparency regarding these contributions, better enforcement of present super PAC regulations and the establishment of independent commissions for redistricting. We don’t expect the legislators in Harrisburg and Washington to voluntarily pass these types of laws, that’s why we feel it’s necessary to apply pressure on them through the elected officials of our county. The supervisors and council members of 74 Luzerne County municipalities have been contacted for this purpose. The following signed the resolution; Luzerne County Council, the cities of Wilkes-Barre and Pittston; the boroughs of Conyngham, Duryea, Forty Fort, Luzerne, Shickshinny and West Wyoming; the townships of Foster, Fairmount, Fairview, Kingston, Nescopeck and Union. One must wonder why 60 Luzerne County municipalities refused to sign the resolution. Do they prefer the present corrupt system? Do they prefer to stick their heads in the sand and say it’s not their problem? Are they afraid to lose future state grants? If your municipality is not on this list, maybe you should ask them, “Why not?” Go to a meeting. Let your voice be heard, because we’re regressing back to “taxation without representation.” Joe Czarnecki Represent.Us Luzerne County DALLAS