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Letters To The Editor 1/6/2019

January 6, 2019

Church’s restoration

Editor: During my formative years of education at Catholic schools, whenever a student was in trouble, the sisters would ask, “How are you going to redeem yourself?”

They didn’t want a lip-service response. They wanted an action plan, written down, attested to and signed.

Since the clergy sex abuse scandal has eroded the credibility of the Catholic Church, U.S. bishops need to redeem themselves. Pope Francis says the cause of the sexual abuse crisis is clericalism, which is the political power of the clergy. It is referred to as the three P’s: power, pride and prestige. It subverts Christianity, which holds that priests are servants of the laity and not the other way around.

The practice of restorative justice is a way of dealing with wrongdoings and violations of social trust. U.S. bishops could redeem themselves with an action plan and fulfilling it: solving the migrant crisis. It is an action that goes beyond retreats, documents on racism and encyclicals. We don’t want any more documents; we want results.

Bishops should put down their costumes and replace them with boots on the ground. Catholic Relief Services, for instance, is already in place at the border and stressed to the limit. If U.S. bishops truly want to restore credibility to the flock, working alongside the laity as equal partners in solving the migrant crisis at the border would exhibit restorative justice and help wipe out clericalism.




Many led astray

Editor: Yes, there are issues with Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets influencing voters toward one side or the other.

However, the crux of the problem is that many citizens blindly believe what is presented to them. The obvious success of Russians, for example, in using fake information to sway people’s thinking in the 2016 presidential election proves this. Conservative media, President Trump and those who support him also have been able to alter or reinforce negative ideas about others in this country and around the world through social media.

So, many of us have not taken the responsibility of trying to find out as much as possible and what the facts are related to issues. We see comments on social media that parrot the disinformation people have read or seen. Seeking the truth is a skill that many Americans need to regain in order that their beliefs have a factual basis.



Corruption rampant

Editor: When President Donald Trump was forced to fire his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, because Flynn had lied about his contacts with a foreign government, I wrote in a letter that was published in December 2017 saying this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I predicted that Trump and his administration would go down as the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Less than two years into his presidential term, my prediction looks accurate. To date, four former members of Trump’s cabinet have been forced to resign because of ongoing investigations into their corrupt dealings. Three of Trump’s closest advisers have plead guilty to felony crimes and face jail time. Indications are that more charges are forthcoming.

Then, we have the leader of this corrupt administration, Trump himself. Almost every aspect of Trump’s corrupt life is currently under investigation. He has been directly linked to two felonies by his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who recently was sentenced to three years in prison on federal fraud and campaign finance charges.

Trump may not have been indicted yet because of an absurd opinion of some people in the Justice Department that a sitting president cannot be indicted because it would distract him from doing his job.

No one is above the law. If being indicted would distract Trump, then we have the 25th amendment to our Constitution, which deals specifically with instances in which a president is unable to perform his duties. To save our democracy, this corrupt individual, his family and his entire band of criminals must be removed from power and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.




General ineptitude

Editor: When confronted by a question about all the generals leaving his Cabinet or other top brass speaking out negatively about him, President Donald Trump recently uttered this nonsense as a rebuttal: “I think I would have made a good general, but who knows?”

Well, Mr. Trump, for someone who did everything possible to avoid military service and being sent to Vietnam, you should be ashamed of yourself for even attempting to put yourself in the same category as those truly patriotic men and women, officers and enlisted personnel, who have proudly served this country.

As a former Marine Corps and combat-wounded Vietnam veteran, I can tell Trump that I would not want to be in a foxhole with him.



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